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About Us

We are an organisation focused on showcasing the best of all high schools in Ghana. We gather and publish the unique and interesting qualities in high schools that make them outstanding. We achieve this by working with our ambassadors, prefects and the editorial board of all high school to collect articles, features, poems, fun facts, pictures, comics and more. our wish is to publish and present an authentic print that delves into the best of all high schools in Ghana. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to encourage students to engaged in resourceful enterprises (related to school) that project their schools in a positive light. To see Inside GH High School magazine, create the impact that enlightens students and the public, showcasing each high school in a positive light. To provide a magazine which will enable a safe environment for the bright and curious youth to interact with and learn from each other. To entertain the youth with an educational magazine that provides fun learning opportunities 

Our Mission

To represent the youth in showcasing the best qualities in every high school over national radius and beyond, through our magazine and social media platforms. To capture relevant and impactful activities in high schools that will encourage new and old students to be proud of their schools. 

What Drives Us

Knowing that many young people today do not attend or complete senior high school because they are not enrolled in the most popular and well known schools in Ghana drives us to want to tell stories about what makes every school special. Our organisation seeks to make every individual proud of their senior high school no matter how big or small it is. It is also our dream that through our publication old students from unpopular and unknown schools can proudly stand for their school and support it growth once they make it into successful roles.

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