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57 Year Old Partakes in BECE in Ghana

57-year-old Madam Elizabeth Yamoah, who took advantage of the free education presented by the government of Ghana and enrolled at Odoben Presbyterian Junior High School (JHS) in 2017, is among the candidates writing the on-going Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Madam Yamoah reported that she was determined to attend Senior High School(SHS) and become a professional nurse.

According to her, the introduction of free Senior High school (SHS) policy introduced by the government of Ghana and support from her children to enrol in 2017 has been her motivation to succeed.

Madam Yamoah, who was a farmer prior to her admission to Junior High School dropped out of school in primary-four after her father died. Upon the introduction of the government's free education, she realised she had to take her destiny into her own hand and better her future and that of her children.

Although her last grandchild would complete JHS in the year 2021 Madam Yamoah is not discouraged from pursuing her dreams.

In her very own words Madam Yamoah stated to Joy News she walked straight to Odoben Presbyterian Junior High School in 2017 and was welcomed by Samuel Quaye, the Headteacher of the school when I informed him of my intention to attend school.

Madam Yamoah will be 60 years by the time she completes her SHS education but is hopeful that she will be considered by the government and admitted into a nursing school.

According to Joy News;

Mr. Quaye, the headteacher, who led BECE candidates to Odoben SHS Examination Centre, confirmed the story but said he doubted the woman’s ability to study.

He said he finally enrolled her in JHS  and told the students to give her the needed respect and she had not disappointed him.

According to Mr. Quaye, Madam Yamoah is one of the brilliant students in the classroom despite her age and expressed the hope that she would go places with her full determination.

Mr. Quaye said, her courage to write the BECE was commendable and expressed the hope that she will gain admission to SHS to further realize her ambitions.

This story is an inspiration to many on taking advantage of the Government of Ghana's Free Education Policy and never give up in life. If a 57year old can be determined enough to start from JHS and have a dream to succeed then anything is possible for anyone younger than her.

Source: My Joy News

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