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Education Ministry presents vehicle to Free SHS Ambassador, Rahim Banda

The Ministry of Education on Tuesday presented a brand new pick-up vehicle to Ghanaian actor and Free SHS Ambassador, Rahim Banda, to aid his movements in his ambassadorial role.

The vehicle, donated by the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund), was presented to him by the Ministry of Education.

Rahim who was made Ambassador of the Free SHS project in 2018.

This move by the Ministry is to ease transportation difficulties the actor who has, since assuming his ambassadorial role, resourced some deprived schools with teaching and learning materials through his ‘Back to School’ project.

“With every passing day, and all the work I have done with the support of my team, it is gratifying enough to know that we have gained some recognition from the masses. Problems with transportation of our materials to remote areas became an issue for the team,” the young actor said after receiving the car.

According to him, the presentation of the car was done after he had sought sponsorship from the Ministry of Education to provide assistance in the form of a vehicle to transport educational materials to the beneficiaries of his project.

“We have donated close to two hundred thousand books (200,000) to schools within deprived areas and some schools in numerous Zongo communities. We see this gesture as a motivation and an opportunity to do more,” Rahim Banda further stated.

Rahim Banda is the second child of award-winning movie and music producer Ahmed Banda.

He was born on November 25, 2000.

He began acting at the age of nine. His father is also the CEO of Bandex Films, which Rahim mostly features in his movies.

Some of his movies include Masters of The Game, Millions, Ali among others.

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