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J. P. Adjimani bows out of active service after 28 years at University of Ghana

One of the lecturers who redefined the teaching of Science in University of Ghana goes on retirement this year.

J. P. Adjimani was until his retirement a senior lecturer at the Biochemistry Department of University of Ghana. He will be remembered as one of the few who broke the barrier between lecturers and students. A friend of all students, he lent a helping hand to most students, especially the weak ones. He can be credited as one of the lecturers whose office was open to all students at all times. Fondly called by his students as "Dr. Adji", the academic retired from teaching in July 2020. His influence on his students has been overwhelming as many recount how their perception about life was changed after their encounter with him. He has mentored several scientists and changemakers all over the world who attribute their success to him. For decades, his unique style of teaching has helped raise a generation of scientists who are doing great in various capacities. J. P. Adjimani returned to Ghana from USA and started teaching in the Biochemistry Department on 10th July, 1992. He bows out after 28 years of teaching Science in a very creative way. He has summarized his life story in his autobiography, THE FEAR OF FAILURE, which is due to be released this October.

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