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SLOPSA supports security on St Louis campus

The St Louis Senior High Past Students Association (SLOPSA) has presented CCTV cameras and 60 pieces of LED and solar security lights to their alma matter to augment the lightening and security system on the school’s campus.

The gesture was made possible through the benevolence of SLOPSA Global, comprising SLOPSA Accra, SLOPSA Canada, SLOPSA Kumasi, SLOPSA USA (Midwest, Northeast, DMV and Texas Chapters) and SLOPSA UK.

At a brief presentation ceremony at the St Louis SHS in Kumasi, the President of the Kumasi Chapter of SLOPSA, Ms. Helen Nti, explained that the provision of lighting was necessary to improve the lightening system in the school.

She said the inadequate lighting system resulted in the unfortunate incident of an assault on a student recently.

“Through our St Louis training we were nurtured with the spirit of love, empathy and respect for each other. These core values have made us what we are today in our various capacities.

“Therefore, we decided to come to the aid of the school. The CCTV is the state-of-the-art type that can be monitored on phone by the school management / authorities,” she said.


Meanwhile, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is also augmenting the effort of the past students by increasing the height of the perimeter walls and will also put up razor wires and electric fencing on it.

The Headmistress of the School, Mrs Ama Kyerewaa Benefo, praised SLOPSA for its immense support to the school over the years; including the establishment of a 1000-seater dining hall, the state-of-the-art place of convenience, a tractor mower and solar panel, among others.

“We are so grateful to you SLOPSANS. You have never turned your back to us. The lights and CCTV will be mounted at vantage points,” she assured.

She appealed to the Ashanti Regional Police administration to continue to patrol the school to ward off intruders.

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