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We will gun down any senior who steps on our toes - students of Dadease Agric Shs

It has been reported earlier this month about the massive arrest of three students in Dadease Agric High School who threatened to deal with any senior who tries to trouble them if school re-opens.In a viral video recorded by the students one student was seen with a pistol and warned to gun down anyone who steps on their toes.However the names of the students were not pronouced but they were all believe to be in the General Arts Class. In an interview with Inside High Mag it was disclosed that the Head Master called the 3 student and just at the entrance of the head master's office they were arrested by the Effiduase Police.Inside High Mag will update you with the latest news on the story.

Students are adviced to be careful on the use of videos on social media it could tanish your image and cause harm to your studies. BEWARE !!!

Source Qweku Blaq

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